Services Offered

Email Audit

Is your email template or email program performing as well as it could? If you aren’t sure (or you know it isn’t), an email audit can get you moving down the right path. Email marketing audit packages give you an objective review of your existing email template or email marketing program, and provide you with recommendations on next steps and areas of opportunity to improve your email marketing efforts. The results of the audit are delivered in a concise report with suggested action items and testing recommendations.

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Coaching and Consulting

If you are passionate about your business and want to leverage permission-based email marketing to build profitable relationships with your customers, I am interested in working with you.

My email marketing coaching and consulting services are tailored specifically to your needs. We will work together through your questions and the unique opportunities in your business. I offer guidance and support in areas such as email list growth, audience segmentation, template optimization, testing strategies, and general email best practices.

  • Do you desire better open and click through engagement from your existing email campaigns?
  • Do you have a segmentation strategy in place to effectively target the right audience with the right message?
  • Is your email subscriber list growth lagging (or non-existent)?
  • Do you have automated drip campaigns to move customers toward a purchase?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your overall email marketing strategy?
  • Are you just getting started with email marketing and need advice on where to even begin?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or lost with your email marketing efforts; let me help you through the process.

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